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March 4th, 2014

Submission on the Nature-Based Parks Guidelines

CIAWA lodged a submission on behalf of Members to the Department of Local Government and Communities to the Draft document “Nature-Based Parks, Guidelines for Developers and Local Government”. The full submission can be found at the following link. We strongly encourage all Members to keep informed as to the development of the guidelines and ensure that you respond to requests for information from CIAWA as it is your input that guides our response.

Submission on the Nature-Based Parks Guidelines from CIAWA

CIAWA has been in discussion with a number of Government Stakeholders and it was obvious that there were areas in the operational aspect of our industry that factual information was missing, information important to decision making by Government. As part of the gathering of information as part of the submission to the Nature-Based Parks Guidelines CIAWA engaged Haeberlin Consultants to provide a detailed independent report on some core aspects of the operational costs of caravan parks. This information is contained in the links below and further information will be included for Members in our next newsletter. The key areas the report focussed on where fixed costs of a site, variable costs of a site, occupancy and rates charged. This information has been broken down from a state average to a regional tourism area average. CIAWA sincerely thanks those Parks who provided the information to the consultants for developing this report and for giving their time across the busy Christmas peak season, without this information we would not have the data to provide Government.

Industry Benchmark Fact Sheet

Industry Benchmarking Report Haeberlin Consultants