What’s Happening

June 9th, 2014

Caravan Park and Camping Ground Act, new legislation proposed

The Department of Local Government is developing new legislation to replace the current industry guidelines, the Caravan Park and Camping Ground Act 1995.

It is important that all industry stakeholders make comment on the new legislation as it will direct and control all activities carried out in a Caravan Park and impacts on residential parks as well.

The Association will be making a submission on behalf of Members and will be contacting Members to make sure the submission represents the view and position of industry. We will ensure Members are kept informed as to the draft submissions to allow for direct feedback into the submission. We strongly suggest all Members make a submission supporting the industry position.

The Consultation paper can be found at the following link. The Department of Local Government has also included a Frequently Asked Question document and Feedback From for simplified responses, follow the links to those documents.

Submissions close 1 September 2014 with information in the document on how to make a submission.

Caravan Park Act Consultation Paper May 2014

Caravan Park Act FAQs 2014

Caravan Park Act Feedback Form 2014